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The calluses grow on the palm of his hand,
And dirt collects under his fingernails.
Deep lines in his face show where
He succeeded and when he failed.
Is this a measure of a man?
His hair is cut and combed the right
Way as he hurries in his business suit.
His brains are in his briefcase, and feels
Safe with a knife tucked inside his boot.
Is this a measure of a man?
He works hard to be sensitive to his woman
And strives to keep the family ties strong.
His heart stays on the narrow path, and
He tries to do nothing wrong.
Is this a measure of a man?
At parties, he's handy with the ladies,
And knows how to put on a show.
He selects on e for the rest of the evening,
And  then lets his feelings flow.
Is this a measure of a man?
He doesn't let his emotions show,
And won't let anyone see him cry.
After all a man has to be in control,
Even when someone he loves dies.
Is this a measure of a man?
His body is supposed to hold is liquor
When he's out with the guys to drink.
And he wonders why he makes mistakes
When he prays to the gleaming sink.
Is this a measure of a man?
What is a man supposed to be?
Sometimes I don't really know.
I need to be cool and put on a show.
All I really can do is just be me.
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