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Elias Tobias


This is where I get a chance to let the readers of this web site read what e-mail I receive.

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I am not Terry Lee Tilton Jr., however I am his mother. He would like to get his poetry published and I would love to see it happen for him. He doesn't know how to go about making this happen and truthfully I don't know either. But if you could help or at least let us know who to contact it would be a great help. I will not tell him of my sending this e-mail unless I get an answer from you. Thank You, Debora D. Tilton 3-20-03

Thank you very much. I will try this. You are the only person who has taken time out of your day to answer my e-mails. I am very grateful. Sincerely, Debora D. Tilton


The way things sometimes are didnt cross my mind a writer would chose a name Tobias, that's my son, and his first born, that's Elias, my first grandson, but then again, as you say, there's eight people with the name Elias Tobias in the good old USA, so you have you as a writer chosing a moniker, you have people named, you have a succession, my son and grandson, and how many more? Cheers.

Dave Harrison


Dear Son; I just visited your web-site for the first time and I can't tell how how proud of you that I am. I printed the picture and the biography. I learned some things i either didn't know or I had forgotten. Anyway congratulations and good luck in reaching out. I hope it brings a lot of response.

Love, your Mother-in-law, Mary



I am a student from Australia and I came across your site somehow. Anyway I've been asked to do an assignment on a poet from around the world. I can't find any other poets or they are too difficult. So can you help me please? I'd love to know what influenced you to write the poems "little dancer" and "taste of heaven". Please help me. I am 16 years old and need your help.

Funda Altinok



My name is Renata Tobias and I'm a writer too. I was browsing on the internet doing some research when I spoted your web site. The funny thing is that my husband's name is Elias Tobias. You have nice poetry here :) Bye now

Renata 6/26/1999

Mike, I looked up you web site and it is very neat and interesting. I sent a reference of it to Peggy Vining in Little Rock, Ar. Peggy is my wifešs oldest sister, and she is the past president of the Arkansas Poetry Society (organization) along with several other organizations. You will probably hear from her.

Joe Wells


Hi! This is your cousin Amber from Ohio. Well anyways I think you did a great job on your web site and I love reading poems. I have tried a couple of times to write a poem, but they always turn out bad, so I decided to keep reading them and leave the writing of them to professionals. Well, bye.

Sincerely, Amber Moore

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