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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted © 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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My dreams are not dead

My dreams are not dead.
They smolder deep within my soul;
liquid thoughts and desires
burn beneath the skin
through my blood..  
Pimples popped emotions
in my youth, sending enough
gases for my mind to see
visions of the future,
but these have disappeared
with age and medicine.
Nervously, the hot magma
heats my skin, and  my hopes and 
dreams will be a solid reality
after I am transformed.

I Wish It Would Rain

The morning dew is not enough
to keep my love for you alive.
By the time the noon sun arrives,
you have disappeared into the air.
Secretly, you reappear in the 
dark before the sun rises again.
Sometimes I wish it would rain.

Quiet Knight

I will be the man of your dreams.
I will slay mean dragons in your sleep,
And your thoughts and secrets, Iíll keep
Since I am in love with you.


If the road to success is always under construction, 
then my life has been a constant detour from the expressway.
Iíve slowed down a little for the others in my way as I 
watched the new overpasses being put together.
My  truck, filled with my belongings, has felt the changes in
the layers of pavement,  the new over the old, on the frontage roads.
As I made turns I believed are right, I found out later that
perhaps they were not appropriate; however, a decision was made. 
At times I relied on a few tourist guides.  Unfilled, I left 
places feeling disappointed.  The books lied. 
It is always easier to look back, to see the different places I
would have missed if I would have known my directions.
I have no regrets, and I have hope for the future, 
for life is the journey.