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The official newsletter of the World of Worlds by Elias Tobias Web site.

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Privacy Policy established

Spanish edition plans deplayed

What it means to get published

Elias Tobias

Write On! Newsletter
May 2004

Privacy Policy added

Write On! is the official newsletter of the World of World by Elias Tobias Web site, and it ismore than year old. The purpose is to keep the readers of this Web site informed of the changes that have happen and things that could be happening in connection with the Web site. Recently a privacy policy has been added for legal reasons. Also Minor revisions have been made since the last major change. If you have anything to contribute, e-mail me at

The World of World by Elias Tobias Web site has been totally rebuilt to make it easier to natvigate and read. All links have been checked for working order, and a new feature, Express Link, displays the link that is different, new, or needs to be highlighted. The poem selection has also changed. Instead of making available several hundred poems, the editor has cut the best poems down to 60 that are in the new internal search engine. Simply enter a title, word or phrase to get to the poems.

The main logo on the home page of the World of Words by Elias Tobias Web site has also been redesigned for a fresh look to compliment the Web site's overall new design. If you would like to have the logo on your T-shirt, you can purchase an iron-on transfer of the design for only $3, including shipping and handling. Send your name and address to for yours today!

The World of Words Web site has a new e-mail address to make it easier for readers to communicate on-line with the webmster. A direct link on onthis page. Check it out, even if you just want to see how it works.

Spanish edition plans delayed

Elias Tobias has started to get selected poems translated and published in Spanish through the El Extra!, a Spanish-language publication published by The Brownsville Herald in Brownsville, Texas. The number of translated poems is up to about 20 and the numbers grow each each week or so. With the marked increase in the population of Hispanics in the United States, this lead to an idea for the world to enjoy.

Future plans include development of a completely new Spanish-translated poetry Web site called Palabras de Inspiracion, or Words of Inspiration. Due to unexpected developments, plans will be kept in mind, but no timetable is available. The new site will mirror the similar design of the revised English poetry Web site and include the same 60 poems in the English internal search engine. The logo has been designed and the work on the Web site has begun.

What is means to get published

I appreciate getting inquiries about getting published, and recently a mother asked for information help get her son's poetry published. Getting published can mean many things depending on the medium, the money spent, and the time devoted the process. As for a profit, poets can join the thousands of writers, even me, who wish they could go beyond the serious hobby stage of poetry writing. I have yet to get a main-stream publisher offer me a check for a book. But don't let that stop new writers.

Using the Internet as a resource, poets can send poems on-line for contests,such as those sponsored by The Famous Poets Society (, or by the National Library of Poetry ( At the NLP, they have a publishing service from Watermark Press (a link on the main page) where $450 can get you 15 copies of a 60 page-book to $1400 for 100 copies of a 100 page book. Check their Ultimate Poetry Links for other publishers.

Vantage Press and others like it go beyond Watermark, and help distribute/market the book, for a percentage of course. They want more money. With the desktop programs like Print Shop, writers can design a book using the booklet part of the program. I have two books ready for publishers now, covers and all, if they knock on my door. There national and regional poetry contests sponsored by magazines.

The NLP-type contests offer books to those who don't win their contests, and extras. Books start at about $50. That's how they make their money, I believe. Some contests have fees which go towards contest awards.I have several books on the shelf in my office I have purchased through "free" contests. There are on-line print-on-demand type places. I have information on a place called 1stBooks (, but again they require money I use for the rent.

Using the Internet, a Web-site is an inexpensive outlet for poetry, and many dial-up services offer their own Web-site programs (MSN, AOL, Earthlink). Tripod ( has a free Web-sites available, and so does Bravenet services. (

Another source is the newspaper. The newspaper I work for has a regular features column for students who write on a certain theme. For publishers, the real thing, the Academy of American Poets ( a link on their main page to links, which has a link to National Poetry Month Resource Guide.

I have a “Get published” link on my Web site which may give inspired poets further insight. I hope this helps.