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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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A Poem for You

With your morning eyes,
you said with all your heart,
"If all the people loved eachother
half as much as you love me,
what a wonderful place this would be."
With a smile across my face,
I said, "That would be a start."

The Peter Pan Effect

If man could suddenly fly by himself, 
would people immediately take to the sky 
and discover the limits of this change
                        or would they examine the wings, take
                        them apart and ground the opportunites
                        to extend their realm?
                Perhaps, at first, most would watch me play Peter
                Pan, laughing in disbelief, and a few would take
                the risk and follow me above the clouds.  The fear
                of flying would stop because of what would become 
                known as "The Peter Pan Effect".
Sooner or later, the skies would get crowded, with
lanes for slower flyers, and the people would be
monitored by sky police to make sure people
follow approved route patterns to control the flow
of traffic.  Helmets would be required in case of a fall.

Little Dancer

She smiles to no one, except perhaps herself,
as she dances with the music in her head.
The world around her is filled with talking,
and the people don't hear a single note.
Her long, black hair rises as she twirls around, 
and the skirt of her dress flirts with the air.
Content in her setting, she hears what she
wants to hear, and disregards the rest.

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