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Welcome to the World of Words

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted © 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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There are stones
      embedded in the road.
They are part of
      mountains that grew old.
What once were solid
      is now brittle and weak.
They have changed to a path,
      a paved avenue, a street.
Ancient routes that are
      scarred by deep ruts
are traveled now by tourists
      spending vacation bucks. 
All things in the world
      move to a natural clock. 
Changes are an ordered factor
      in a world that won’t stop.


Nature’s breasts are tipped by a cap
of glimmering snow while life continues 
below in the rich, cool fertile
valleys of her body.	
Her crystal clear life’s blood
trickles down her skin and then
plays with the light creating
a rainbow from the sparkling waterfalls.
Animals live running and playing
freely on her body.
Her functions sometimes get out
of line, and a volcano eruption settles
her stomach because she had too
much of man to swallow in too
big of a bite.
But she continues to give birth to
life constantly, feeding it with milk 
from her snow—capped breasts.

Dew Drops on Morning Daydreams

Dew drops on morning daydreams glistens
as the sun rises over the field of young,
              wild adventure...
 then the promise of a new and different
 day is clouded as rain falls on the Earth.
 However there will be another tomorrow.