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Welcome to the World of Words

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted © 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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The Way of the Wheel

The way of the wheel is
 		naturally geometric Ė
		ready to roll.
 		You can turn it,
	        or it can roll over you
Gravity is the force which
makes it roll down the hill
	        but you havean
	        obligation to fulfill.
	        You have to push it to
                the top of the of hill
The way of  the wheel  is
Naturally geometric-
	        -ready to roll.

The Battle

In this battle no one dies,
for little climps of lies
cling to one another and side
so that they may survive.

In this battle, there are no guns,
or taxes for battle funds.
When the dead are plied in heaps
the menace of the soul creeps.

In this battle something is lost.
Time and patience are the costs.
Common troubles are the foes
It is the battle of the soul.

Jack Died

Hey Jill, howís Jack?
Oh, he died of a concussion
. . .and you canít pay the bills.
Thatís terrible.
They didnít have to level the hill
to make room for that shopping center...
and you drink city water?
Thatís too bad.
Progress, I guess.
How about your nursery rhyme? 
Youíre right.. .just a joke old 
mother goose played on you.