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Welcome to the World of Words

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted © 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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Remote Control

The Master of the Remote Control presses
 		buttons which change your soul 
		as your credits are scrolled before
 		your eyes on the television screen.
			Fastforward...Your wife cries...
Rewind. . .You carry a protest sign
about that war in Vietnam.
               The Master of the Remote Control
               laughs because it likes the show.
               It has played the tape before.
               All you can do is stand and stare
               at the screen, or you can dare 
to edit your tape to your taste
before the time gets too late...

Burnt Toast

...and then she looked at me
with a smile and said with a
table knife in her hand...
	Make the most of burnt toast
	Man, you gotta use your head.
	Scrape off the burned part.
You need to make the most of your bread.
...and then I had breakfast.

The Christmas Parade

Coats on the children say winter in here.
Crowds line both sides of  Main Street.
Police blues color the night, and
Now the time is right for
The social event of the year.
The Christmas Parade is celebrated by cheers.
A fire truck makes its presence known,
 And the driver is not alone.
High school cheer leaders sit atop ladders
and cool whatís hot.
A Baptist church has a large float
With sheep, angels and a message of hope.
A Boy Scout troop march in uniforms.
Walking the streets keeps them warm.
A junior high band quickly goes past, and
The kidís parents hope the music lasts.
An old man waves from a Chevrolet
As the antique rolls for another day.
Little girls from a dance school
Demonstrate which steps are cool.
Their mothers walk behind to see
The darlings return home safely.
Camouflaged soldiers of the National Guard
Carry rifles behind an armoured car.
The high school band performs a tune
And the crowd sings along since it
Is a carol they all knew.
The parade used to go around the square,
And shops were open during the fanfare.
Now it just goes down Main Street,
But still hundreds of people come to meet
During the local family affair
Even during the wisps of snow in the air.
Beauty queens ride by, the Mayor, too.
Businesses boast with their floats, all new.
A girl jumps at the sight of a gloved hand,
But next to pass is the college band.
The white glove belongs to Santa Clause
As he passes he throws candy because
He is why kids want to see the parade.
Itís the season to celebrate.