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World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted © 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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Spanish guitars, candles, and a bottle of wine

Spanish guitars, candles and a bottle of wine...
things I need to start to have a good time
and a romantic evening with you.
Add cheese and crackers, and Iím a fool
for the love you will be giving me.
Make my fantasies become reality.
It starts in a cafe and a table for two,
and goes until we take off our shoes. 
Itís more than a one-night stand.
I just want to be your only man.

You asked me if I love you

You asked me if I love you.
Love is more than a four-letter word.

	Love is a mystical force which
	Can make a strong person weaker, or
	It can make weak person stronger.

	Love is a magical force which
	Can bind blindly to tight a tie, or
        It can free feelings from reins of fear.

        Love is a mysterious force which
        Can be as hard as the strength of steel, or
        It can be as soft as the petal of a rose.

        Love is a might force which
        Can, with the grace of God, create life,
        Or it can destroy it in subtle ways.

        Love is a material source which,
        As any commodity, can be bought or sold,
        And it is a profession, ancient and bold.

I ask you how do you want to be loved?

Your Words

Your words make love to my heart 
whenever we are apart. 
Letters I get in the mail today 
remind of the the special day 
when we will be together at last. 
Your poems make the time in 
between now and then go fast. 
Your words make love to my heart 
whenever we are apart.