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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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The Quest of Fire

The discovery of fire spread
like the burning of its flames.
The birth of a fire, nurtured 
from the very first spark, was 
kindled into a new way of life.
The passion of a fire warmed 
animal-covered skins at night.
The heat of a fire gave a whole
new meaning to art of eating.
The light of a fire illuminated
a world which new only darkness.
The power of a fire meant
total, uncontrolable destruction.
The strength of a fire ignited
the imagination of invention.
The wisdom of a fire became 
a part of almost every religion.
The meaning of a fire changed
with the color of the flame's light,
and many people died to claim 
to be the master of this technology.

Questions and Answers

Some go out the in,
others go in the out.
Things are so confused.
What is it all about?

Some know where to begin,
others are filled with doubt.
I listen to what they say,
and I just want to shout.

Where should I turn?
S hould I go left or right?
I just keep moving along,
but the end isn't in slight.

How I am supposed to love,
when there are those I  hate?
How much love is enough 
when I go out on a date?

I  just keep asking questions.
Their answers I should know,
but they will come with time
and with patience, I'll grow.

Silent Letters

Unspoken consonants and silent vowels
create the words of the sentences that
are in a different dimension between
the printed and spoken lines of life.

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