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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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Seconds Count

Your big brown beautiful Spanish
eyes reached deep into my soul,
wanting more;
but seconds count and the
entire affair lasted less
than a minute before you
 passed me (or I passed you).
The image of your fine black 
hair framing your face will
remain in my mind.  
I can only wonder how much
of a different person I would
be if I stopped long enough to
see the possibilities.

Born Free

Night turns to day
			and day becomes night.
Freedom is the bird I
			chase with endless flight.
I can feel it in my heart,
			though it's not in sight.
We are born to live free;
			that's our natural right.
I'll keep on the run
			until I see the light
			of freedom here at last.
Only then I'll give up this fight.


Land, land, land!
To own it, much of it,
is power in your hands.
Society values property.
Get as much as you can!
Responsiblity is the key,
and dirt makes the man.

Land, land, land!
When the notes are paid in
full, the possession can last
from the father to the sons.
That's the way of the past.
Or you buy low, sell high
and make the money fast.

Land, land land!
It's value is what's below,
and what machines scan.
Mineral wealth discovered
is a bonus that quickly adds
money to a bank account.
Bad deals will make you mad.

Land, land, land!
To own it, much of it,
puts you into another class.
Taxes, maintenance and
insurance grow like grass,
but credit is always available
with a low supply of cash.

Land, land, land!
It's value is in its potential.
The future is in demand.
The house that survives
isn't built on sinking sand.
The property is a reality,
on which you can stand.

Land, land, land.	

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