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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words by Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998-1999 by Michael Hall.

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Get Elias Tobias Merchandise!

New, a limited supply of the only real book published by Elias Tobias, A Poetry Sampler - 100% Natural Words. It's better than the collection on the web site, since all the poems in the the sampler are there compared to the edited web site version!

The book was originally made for high school students while he was teaching sophomores and seniors because the text book was too boring! There are 30 copies of this book, another printing of the revised 1995 version.

$5.00 U.S. Currency

Also available is an audio tape of Elias Tobias saying all 28 of the Love Notes poems, not just the ones in the web site!

$5.00 U.S. Currency

T-Shirts, in sizes medium, large, X-large, XX large, and XXX Large, feature the World of Words logo in front and the "Elias Tobias" signature on the back. They come in white, gray and light blue colors. For only $12 can you get a reminder of the web site for sizes medium to X-large, and $15 for larger sizes.

Thanks again, Elias Tobias

Here's Elias Tobias showing off the World of Words T-Shirt. He holds a Loves Notes tape in his right hand, and a Sampler book in the left hand. See information about for prices and other information.

How Do I order World of Words Merchandise?

Ordering is easy!

1- First decide what you want, and the quantity of each product.

2- Click on Order Form to get to the order form page. Print this out and complete the form.

3. Call Toll free 1-877-ETOBIAS or 1-877-386-2427 to get address information of where to mail the order. If no one is there, leave a message or write an e-mail message at

4- Send the amount of money after handling charges and/or taxes have been added. The products you ordered will be shipped within two weeks after payment is received.