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World of Words Top Ten Poems

Readers respond! Here's your chance to choose the best poems from all the poems in this web site. Read the poems from all eight books and decide which poems you like the best. Then, simply, let me know which of the 10 poems you like best! The e-mail connection is below. Thanks, Elias Tobias

Elias Tobias
1698 Yale Ave,
Brownsville, TX 78520
United States

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998 by Michael Hall.

Top Ten Poems on World of Words by Elias Tobias

Number 1
Your Love
Number 2
All I Can Say
Number 3
Number 4
Only You
Number 5
Number 6
Eagle Eyes
Number 7
Two Candles
Number 8
Check Points
Number 9
Three Words
Number 10
Land Mines
Honorable Mention
Wild Words
Honorable Mention
Poet of my Soul

What is your favorite Top Ten Poem?
Poem Number One
Poem Number Two
Poem Number Three
Poem Number Four
Poem Number Five
Poem Number Six
Poem Number Seven
Poem Number Eight
Poem Number Nine
Poem Number Ten
Honorable Mention Poem

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