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World of Words by Elias Tobias

World of Words with Elias Tobias is copyrighted 1998-2001 by Michael Hall.

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When I was a boy,
I  could catch balls and bat.
And I was good at that.
I got a few trophies for 
placing second,  and once
first in the Little League.
That was the summer of '68.

When I became a man,
I could pitch lines and bat.
And I was good at that.
I found a job, got a home.
A woman I loved became my
life, and our baby was born.
That was the summer of '86.

(Unwritten love poem)

When we are together, and I am
nestled comfortably in your arms,
words come to my mind to express
your beauty, your love, your charm.
However the words remain unwritten
because I don't stop to jot them 
down when the words first arrive.  
I don't take the time, and then,
if I did, they may not even rhyme.
I try to recreate the order of the
words, but they are scrambled with
the business of the day.
So the world's greatest love poem
remains unwritten.


My  body  conforms to yours as a hand

  	is covered by a glove.

My  Emotions can tell me only  one thing:

   That we are in love.

Every night the sheets are moved since 

  	they get in the way.

Lately there is one question I have in

 		mind I have to say.

All I want to know is where do 

  	we go from here?

I have to be honest, and I believe there

	 	is  nothing to fear.

I need you by my side, and I'll love you

 	 the rest of my life.

We are meant for eachother, so let's be	

		 husband and Wife.

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