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An informative supplement to the World of Worlds By Elias Tobias web site.

Volume 1, Number 5

September, 2000

Web Site is Graded; Additions Made to Web Site

This web site was graded, and according to the analysis, it got three smile faces out of five smile face.

In an effort to check just how good the World of Words by Elias Tobias web site really is, an free independent source, SiteInspector, part of LinkExchange web site, rated the poetry web site for seven factors to arrive at the overall rating. The World of Words web site received five of five faces for browser compatibility, link validator, and spelling. Three faces were found for HTML validity and load time.

Two faces were for readiness for Submit It!, another part of the Link Exchange offerings. The lowest was a one for popularity, but considering that the site is officially only four months old, things are going good, and there is room for improvement in all areas, including popularity.

Two free banner exchange services, LinkExchange and SmartAge have been started to increase traffic to the poetry web site.

LinkExchange is a part of the Microsoft Network, and SiteInspector can be found at All the possibilities with LinkExchange can be found at .

"World of Words" also was recently certified by the Better Internet Bureau for being a site built with high standards. See the special page dedicated to this news on the homepage or see the story below.

Additional changes have occurred on the World of Words web site. Graphics have been finally introduced, and will continue to be used in pages of this location. A new series on the art of writing poetry has been started and will be completed in the next few months. There are ten lessons in this series.

Four to five more collections are in the works, and will be added as time permits. Also, a line of merchandise is emerging. The first is a book, "A Poetry Sampler - 100 % Natural Words" is for sale. A design has been made for a t-shirt and this is being considered along with a sale of a cassette tape of all the poem in the Love Note Collection.

Want your own poetry page without any hassle?

The competition is rough. Many places over te web offer free pages of poetry, and they have easy set-up programs to do it. On this web page, it's easier than that! Just send 10-15 or so of your best poems, like "Foxxy" Monique Nicole Fox ( Her love poems are featured on a page along with her brief biography as one of the Best Shot sections of the web site. Be sure to read her poems and then send them (via e-mail) to me for your own page! You can even send a picture (as an attachment in jpg format please).

World of Words Gets Cerfified by BIB

The World of Words by Elias Tobias, A new poetry web site, just four months old, has been certified for high standards by the Better Internet Bureau®, organization based in British Columbia, Canada, that monitors internet home pages and web sites.

The new poetry web site is only about four months old after being completed with eight poetry collections in December, and was referred to the society recently. The author of the poems and creator of the web site, Elias Tobias, recently received an e-mail stating that the web site was prequalified by the Better Internet Bureau®, and followed through to achieve full certification on April 1. Certification lasts one year.

The web site currently features edited collections or "books" he has written since high school, where he had his first poems published his junior year. One book, A Poetry Sampler, has been set up. Seven other books are ready to get on the web, and the titles include, Love Notes, Passion and Power, The Adventures of the Cosmic Cowboy and Words on the Wall: Mental Graffiti. There are an average of 12-16 poems per book.

"It's a work in progress," Elias explained. "The whole thing is designed with limited graphics, away from the trend in more colorful, complicated web sites. This is to my advantage. It doesn't take long to download it, and the emphasis is on the words, not fancy graphics. There has to be some imagination involved on the part of the reader."

The Better Internet Bureau® (BIB) is a non-profit society that is not in any way affiliated with any local, national, or international chapter of the Better Business Bureau ® , which is a trademark of the Council of Better Businesses Bureaus, Inc in Arlington, VA. It does, however, work with government agencies and law enforcement (worldwide) to report internet web sites that are breaking the law or may be harmful or dangerous to its members and the public at large. The BIB does not regulate or monitor businesses, but does monitor internet home pages and web sites for content with integrity in mind.

The BIB does not certify internet sites that contain any text, photos, graphics, video or other references to sex that may be unsuitable for family viewing, or any links to items listed. Also the BIB doesn't certify sites that deal with racial or religious prejudice, any unlawful acts or to sites with unlawful acts, deceitful or misleading statements, any gambling, lottery or pyramid schemes (Legitimate MLM and Network Marketing sites are allowed), any mass distribution of e-mail known as SPAM, or any retail or wholesale site that does not offer and honor a minimum 30-day refund on items sold on the internet.

More information can be found about the BIB at

"It's quite an honor to be confirmed by the Better Internet Bureau®" Tobias remarked.

Elias Tobias, or Michael Hall, has been writing and publish poetry since high school. He now lives in Brownsville, Texas, where he is a sixth grade English teacher and has been adjunct instructor at the University of Texas at Brownsville. He is a new Lifetime member of the International Society of Poets and has several poems published by the National Library of Poetry (NLB) and Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc. His biography was included in the 1997-1998 edition of Who's Who in the South and Southwest, published in January of 1997. In 1998, he was chosen as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America, too.

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